12 Elegance Stair Railing Ideas And Images

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For a stair railing ideas you can choose materials of all kinds, from classic wood to iron, steel, glass … all of them in different shapes, compositions and modalities. But the truth is that they are all precious. What it will cost you now will be to decide only for one of them. Hold on, come curves! Currently, handrails are a clear evolution of those used years ago. Especially when we talk about models like this one of the image, wrought iron and a classic design that we personally love.

The elegance of the most classic and traditional smithy is made tangible in a staircase like this, creating stylized figures that bring movement to this staircase. A type of railing that is perfect especially for outdoor stairs, although it can also be accommodated inside more traditional homes, rather rustic.

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The curved stairs give the house a touch of movement, distinction and originality. Here we see a design that is riding between classic and modern, with a small curbstone in white that supports this metallic railing. It is an example in which we see how stainless steel of a larger size can be perfectly combined in this handrail with the horizontal shapes that go through it giving it greater consistency .