Affordable Pinnacle Stair Lift

Harmar Pinnacle Installation Manual

Being aesthetically very similar to the conventional elevator, although with characteristics that makes it more advisable for installation in single-family homes or buildings and low-rise commercial premises. As we have seen we have a wide variety of types of pinnacle stair lift, so to answer the question how much does a wheelchair lift cost? We have to indicate that it depends, above all, on the system used.

If what most suits our needs is a stair lift platform we have that this type of elevator has prices starting from around € 5500 onwards depending on the characteristics of the section or sections of stairs to be saved. On the other hand, vertical short-haul elevators have a price from around € 6000 depending mainly on the route, dimensions, model and the installation company. On the other hand, although in most situations the auxiliary works necessary to install this type of elevators are few or even none at all.

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These will also have to be taken into account when calculating the final price of the same. As for single family elevators or domestic elevators have prices from approximately € 8500 , price that will vary depending on the characteristics of the elevator, stops, route, necessary auxiliary work and the installation company of it.