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Most people who live in multi-storey houses take for granted that they will always be able to use these. But disease, injury or simply old age can mean that it suddenly becomes difficult – or perhaps completely impossible – to overcome the stairs. In this connection, it often ends that parts of the house are no longer used, or in some cases that you have to relocate the property, but otherwise it will take a lot of time. To prevent this, several different aids have been developed, such as a stair lift company designed to make the stairs affordable again.

When the stairwell is located in the mounting bracket, it is firm and safe and you can safely use the stairwell. With the stair lift stepper mounted, the wheelchair can safely and effortlessly get up and down of all kinds of stairs. Lift stairs is equipped with ergonomic handles, easy to operate and only a minimum of effort is required from the helper.

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However, it must be assumed that it requires some rejuvenation and a little technique before maneuvering the stairwell machine optimally. Lift stairs is gentle against wooden stairs and carpets, and works with a comfortable and comfortable transition between the steps. Lift stairs can handle up to 300 steps on a fully charged battery.