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Attic Stairs Sizes Ideas

Decide whether you want to build your attic stairs sizes from scratch using equipment purchased at your local home improvement store, or if you prefer to use a manufactured rate. Manufactured kits are often easier to puzzle together and already comply with state standards for stairs. Both options can be carpeted or dyed for a fancier look. If you choose to build your staircase from scratch, keep in mind that you are building for function and safety rather than for decorative purposes. Even if you can add a decorative touch to your railing or other parts of the stairwell, the staircase itself should be practical and functional.

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To begin, sketch the desired staircase. Keep all your local regulations in hand so that you can design a staircase that is useful and complies with local rules and regulations. Most residential stairs require at least 10-inch pattern driving followed by a 7 3/4 inch stairwell (height) per staircase. If your staircase goes to a basement or a second floor, you must also take into account the ceiling height. Stand height should be at least six meters and eight inches.


Use your sketch, build your stairs. First put out the frame of the stairs, also known as stringers. Stringers are the panels on either side of the stairs that support the stairs, or steps, you are going to climb down the stairs, while the staircases raise the height between each stairway. Use predetermined measurements for height and width of the stairway and tread, bend off each stairway on strings. Once you’ve noticed each staircase, cut these sections out – creating the framework for your new staircase. After the sections have been removed, install each tread and riser the plate to strings.

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