Attractive And Durable Vinyl Stair Railing

Black Vinyl Railing

Vinyl stair railing are often installed on outdoor decks and stairs as they are weather resistant and good to hold onto when you walk outside in items (like snow and ice). Installing one of these handrails for use on the treacherous basement staircase is a novel and effective idea as they are attractive and durable. These railings can be cut and installed to perfectly match the length of your stairs. The best part about it is that a vinyl stairway rail is almost invincible. It will bend but not break and really never age.

Vinyl or PVC tire railings are cheap options. You can order a wide range of vinyl tire railings systems that are relatively easy to install. However, there are some important considerations to know before installing your own. Most vinyl railing systems are hollow inside. If you install a covered railing on a deck that is just above the ground, secure vinyl newels with metal pipes as you drive into the ground with a for hammer.

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Drill a hole in the deck where you will place newel and drive a metal pole into the ground.  Slide vinyl new over the top of the metal pole. After finishing installation of the deck railing, use concrete to further ensure it. Pour concrete into newel and let the concrete to set the night. Using concrete is beneficial to both a newel that has a metal pole anchoring the railing to the ground and those who do not.