Barnwood Headboard With Slats In Horizontal

Simple Barnwood Headboard

Barnwood headboard – Do you know that it is easy to make cheap wooden bed headboards?  Get colorful bedrooms for very little money. At the same time that you save is an ecofriendly option, respectful with the environment. Barnwood headboard with slats in horizontal, aced on the previous headboard, you can make one with the horizontal stripes, symmetrical or alternating to provide a sense of dynamism. The raw material, the slats, can be bought in a wood shop or DIY center. Also in this case, you can use recycled pallets that provide free material.

The process to build barnwood headboard with slats in horizontal, Measure, first, the slats to cut or adjust them. You have to base yourself on the width of the bed and count, at least, 5 centimeters more for each side. Place the slats on the floor with the arrangement you want to give them and with the side you want to go up the wall.

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Screw some guide strips, which can be narrower, vertically. Distribute them at the same distance. Put, at least three, depending on the width of the bed. Place on the external slats some metallic hooks and measure to place some hooks on the wall to hang the barnwood headboard. Paint, varnish or apply the finish that you like. Here it attends to the style that marks your decoration so as not to introduce rustic elements, for example, in a mainly urban decoration environment.