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September 21, 2019 Stair Railing

How to Put a Basement Stairs Railing for Puppies

A puppy has arrived at our house! And, as we can imagine, for a few months it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience since the puppy will believe that everything he finds in his path is a fun toy. Of course, it will be convenient to address some small reforms, to avoid the incursions of our new friend in, especially delicate areas.

And, by a stroke of luck, we find in a container precisely the piece that suits us, a cradle railing, which we will adapt easily to the place where we need it: the basement stairs railing. With a simple assembly, the dog will not be able to do his own in the workshop, and we will all win in the daily coexistence. Join us to see the work!

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We present the basement stairs railing on the basement staircase, looking for the best height on the step. We will fix the railing with slats on both sides. The one on the wall goes with two normal lag screws, the one on the metal bar we will put it with mounting adhesive, which allows a fast and very solid fixing. This adhesive only requires that one of the elements to be joined is porous. As we are going to fix wood, there is no problem.

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