Beautiful And Easy Cleaning Glass Stair Railing

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Stairs of tempered glass beautiful not only bring aesthetics for architectural space but also safe for the user, high durability, easy cleaning and cleaning, the house looks cool, luxury. What is the design of the glass stair railing strength to note what? With the limited space in terms of area, the design of the house in the high-rise architecture, using the stairs is extremely reasonable to save space and still maintain modern features. When designing staircase glass to be selected and installed should also have the flexibility of design, shape and material.

Tempered glass staircase is a staircase that many Vietnamese families prefer today. However, to get the beautiful stained glass stairs it often requires a lot of experience as well as engineering for assembly units. The design of stairs tempered glass must be designed beforehand and must be very careful, because only wrong implementation techniques are easy to falsify, affecting the quality of the work.

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The number of glass stairs not only affects the architecture but also changes the feng shui of the house, so generally the ideal height between the stairs should be 15cm, the width of about 30cm. The glass of your home becomes fancier, instead of using the vertical architecture error, you can apply the spiral type to help save the area of ​​the house, but increase the aesthetics, attractiveness.