Benefit Of Stair Runners For Carpeted Steps

Vinyl Stair Runner Over Carpet

There are many advantages to stair runners for carpeted steps. They come in beautiful patterns and textures, they protect wooden stairs from scratches and scratches, they dampen the sound of children running up and down the stairs and they are easy to clean. You can have a professional installation runner or you can do it yourself.

Carpeted stair runners provide more comfort and padding than bare wood floors. They also help keep your feet cozy in winter and trap heat to isolate your home. Carpeted stair runners protect wooden stairs from scratches; scuff marks and fading that arise from everyday wear and tear. If you have carpeted stairs, stairway runners keep a dirt tread from shaping; they are also easier to clean than carpeted stairs without runners and prevent stains from accumulating over time. To help keep them clean, sweep and vacuum your car runner weekly; ask that guests and housewives remove their shoes before going up and down the stairs. If damaged, carpet runners are easily replaced.

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Carpet runners help keep your stairs safe. Carpet tread adds traction to each step, preventing slip and fall accidents that may occur on wooden stairs. If you forget to dry your shoes after coming in from the rain, absorb carpet runners dangerous water pits hat would usually be back on the stairs. Carpet runners mitigate falls, protect fragile items that have fallen and protect furniture moving up and down the stairs from surface scratches.