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Knowing the variables described below, such as the size of the stairwell, the necessary service time and the staircase shape are of vital importance when choosing an easy climber stair lift that will deliver value over the lifetime of users. There are several steps to take from one’s ladder to determine which unit to lift the ladder’s installation size. The first measurement should be the length of the track from the top to the bottom of the steps. The second thing is to measure the height, the tread, and the width of the steps.

Some stair steppers and climbers companies send their employees to measure themselves. There are two types of stairs, straight and curved. This is one of the most important considerations when determining which stair lift would be necessary. The elevator for a straight flight of stairs goes up and down in a straight line. It is not capable of turning in curves, curves, or traveling through a landing. A curved stair lift is capable of bending corners and changing direction on stairs.

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The curved stair lifts tend to cost more money due to its more complex nature, and the fact that most have to be designed and built to measure. The rails of the wheelchair stair lift are typically associated with the stair treads themselves as opposed to the wall. Most ladder lifts can be installed on either side of the ladder.