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Oriental stair runners – Most jogging and running trenches end up in a comfort zone where you can talk without having to cheat on speech skills. If you need to increase speed, such as at the end of Stockholm Marathon or in order to keep a higher pace during the Premiere Mill or Blood Run – running stairs, then you should integrate into your training schedule.

Running in stair is very versatile depending on how you can work out – there are both long and short stair runners carpet. The staircase in the picture is that from Henriksdal up to Henriksdalsringen, one of the long stairs in Stockholm. and well worth everybody on the south side to run to.

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As you walk in a carpet for stairs and hallway, it’s important to have a good technique; You should move your body and not just the legs, use the hip beanies (7pcs!) to lift yourself upwards and slide away with the big seat muscles. Avoid putting a strain on your knees, do this by not bending too much on your knees as you push up the stairs. Here it is also important to run with the forefoot as it is very difficult to run on stairs if you land on the heel.