Blue Striped Stair Runner Ideas

Best Blue Striped Stair Runner

Blue striped stair runner is a great color and interest to an otherwise boring set of stairs. It will cut down the noise from the feet going up and down the stairs as well as checking dirt and dust to be transferred from downstairs to upstairs. A carpet stair runner is much more comfortable on feet than ordinary stairs and will save the surface of your tread from being worn down.

Measure the length of landing at the top of the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs. Write these measurements down. Measure the depth of the first tread and the height of the first step. Do this with the number of steps. Add 12 inches for the extra inch of blanket that wrap over the front of each tread. Add up all your measurements to get your overall length of runner carpet needs. Decide how wide you want your runner. Typically, it takes up most of the steps, just one inch or two on each side. If you have standard steps of 31 inches your runner will probably be 26 inches long.

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Go to the carpet shop and choose a running carpet that fits your lifestyle and decorates like. Tell the sales associate your measurements and he will cut the carpet for your specifications. Do not forget to get stairs mats for upholstery. Bring your carpet up to the top of the steps, with the pile facing downwards. Place the carpet mats on landing and cut it one inch in each side of the measurement of the runner.