Build Wooden Stairs To Attic Bedroom

Modern Permanent Attic Stairs

You can build an additional bedroom in your home if your attic has enough height. The height of the top beam of the attic in the center of each potential room should be at least 10 feet. Climbing stairs to attic bedroom the attic through a folding ladder, you can evaluate the space. Or climb into the attic through a roof access door to examine the potential for construction. Many locals require that a bedroom always have a window in case of fire, but never build a loft without creating an attic or raising the roof to allow windows to escape. Make sure that a ladder is easily accessible from the attic to the floor below as well. Draw all the space you will use for a sleeping area.

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Designate closet space and electrical outlets. Include bedroom or designer dormer windows to be constructed. Plan to build the convert attic to loft from the floor below that is at least 4 feet wide as a spacious staircase creates a space for the building materials and furniture for the bedroom. Check with local authorities to obtain a construction permit and a list of provisions before starting construction. Next, a masonry wall of the room and its roof. Frame the walls in the staircase to attic ideas area and install drywall in that area. Finish gypsum board surfaces with joint compound. Space in the closet Frame and finished with drywall. Hang the closet doors and the outer door to the bedroom.

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