Building Modern Murphy Bed

Mid Century Modern Murphy Bed

Modern Murphy bed – is also known as a roll-away bed or a wall bed in which the mattress is attached to the frame of the bed. A portion of the bed is fastened to a wall so that it can be lifted to fit in a cupboard or closet. Since most beds usually take up the majority of the room, the use of a modern murphy bed provides more space in locations that have limited space such as small apartments. Modern Murphy bed can be made with the ideal materials and by following some simple instructions.

To install a modern murphy bed, you must first apply the book card to the wall studs using 3-inch wood screws. You can then add treatments such as trim molding around the bed frame, or you could simply paint the bed. Set your mattress on the bed, and your Murphy bed is ready for use.

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Before you start building your modern murphy bed, you must decide on where you want the bed to be placed. Be sure that the space you choose is large enough so that two bookshelves fit on each side of the bed. The bookshelves that you use should be the same height or higher than the mattress, and ensure that they are deeper than the mattress that you will use. You can then continue to buy materials, including plywood, wood panels, MDF, wood screws, hinges, wood glue, studs, paint, drill and bits, a level and a hammer.