Building Outside Stair Railing

Porch Stair Railing Designs

Just because you need a handrail to make your outside stair railing does not mean you have to settle for the usual ho-hum wood rails and rails. Follow Safety Instructions from the OSHA for height and distance requirements, but allow yourself to do some out-of-the-box thinking to create a handrail system for your stairs that will add beauty to an otherwise distinctive feature of your tires.

Pipes and ropes

For a cheap handrail on any tire, but especially suitable for a near seaside, install a pipe and rope system, which is exactly what it sounds like? Simply screw a tube flange to each other to step on the outdoor stair railing, and screw a tube of appropriate height into each flange. Top each tube with a “T” mounting, and drive a rope through all openings from the top staircase. Finish with a knot at each end to keep the rope slip or slack.

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Plants Boxes

Build square wooden planter boxes – size to the width of the tread – for the top, middle and bottom steps or necessary for adequate support. Attach the bottom of the boxes to the steps, and attach an upright mail to the inside of each box. Place a handrail, applied to the frame tubes at the top, to span the length of the staircase. Paint the lower parts of the posts and the inside of each box with a non-toxic impregnating agent and fill with soil and plants for a fragrant addition to the deck.