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September 27, 2019 Stair Railing

Cable Stair Railing: Perfect for Minimalist Style

The systems of cable stair railing are increasingly present in the architecture for the timeless elegance they provide. Today we show you the system cable railing, which is made up of cable, tensioners and stainless steel handrails. Cable integrates perfectly in any environment because it transmits irresistible purist elegance for the most careful projects, but it is ideal for minimalist and designer staircases.

It is one of these designs that resists fashions of all kinds and that is in a way timeless , because it looks good today and we have guaranteed that it will continue to be seen as current for many years. Its design is clearly based on less is more and prioritizes the quality of its materials, using, for example, stainless steel for being a highly resistant material.

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It is also a system that fits perfectly in public projects, thanks to these materials, which guarantee a long life of the product without hardly fixing maintenance costs, and it is also ideal for residential and private projects because it combines perfectly with classic styles, as with the most avant-garde. For all this the easy cable system can be the perfect ally for lovers of contemporary architecture, because it is a simple but very elegant system, which with so few elements allows achieving an avant-garde environment while functional, and it is also very easy to mount.

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