Choosing New Bedding In A Bag

Bedding In A Bag Color Combine

Bedding in a bag – To give life to a bed in light colors, nothing like mixing colors (play with different shades of two or three different colors) and textures (cotton, velvet, feathers, fur …). A traditional bet is to play with the design of the curtains, that is, that their color or pattern is repeated in the cushions and other accessories, such as blankets or plaids. Undoubtedly, all a success to get a warm, enveloping and welcoming.

There are many bedrooms in which the headboard, or the wall on which the bed rests – since it is increasingly common to do without this piece of furniture – has a great visual weight. Therefore, whether it is a piece of furniture, wallpaper or painting, it is convenient to look for bedding in a bag, cushions and elements that coordinate with this front and form a harmonious whole.

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With this textile accessory, you will get a visually richer result than if you leave the quilt as is, in addition to granting a plus of warmth. Place it extended from side to side, to the middle of the bed, well folded. Ideally, it should be a color that contrasts with that of the quilt and that this tone is present in other elements, such as cushions or bedding in a bag.