Contemporary Stair Runners Style

Stylish Modern Wool Carpet Runner

Contemporary stair runners are pieces of blanket or other material used to protect and adorn stairs. Are narrower than steps, and they generally have volumes of space showing on both sides for appearance. How to fit contemporary stair runners. Affix the spine on the back of the flat part of the step and the bottom of the vertical part with your hammer and blanket stitch.

Center the grab points it should be in the same place on each staircase. Lay padding so that edges reach the edge of grabbers. Throw it behind the top of the grabbers. Lay runner, working from bottom to top. Tuck the edge of the carpet under the bottom of the gripper on the flat part of the step and pull it tight.

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Press the carpet in the gripper. Continue the vertical part of the step, tucking the runner on the gripper. At the top step, rub the edge of the rug at the bottom of the last piece of gripper. Make sure there are no wrinkles or wrinkles in the runner. Hammer down pins on grabs. Tips and warnings to match contemporary stair runners. Ask someone to help keep the runner out as you work up the stairs.