Decorate A Lazy Boy Sofa Bed

Lazy Boy Air Mattress Sofa Bed

Pick a color that matches with the duvet and bed skirt. Fresh sheets are a safe option, especially in the event that you plan to change the color or pattern on the outside of these bed sheets . Add a duvet, blanket, quilt or bedspread. Choose one that falls almost to the floor, or to add a bed skirt to hide the bed platform and frame. Some home stores offer whole linen sets of sofas, making it easy to coordinate clutter.

Lazy boy sofa bed bridges the gap between the living and sleeping area, which offers seating for the day and a comfortable bed at night time for the child. This versatility is beneficial in rooms that function more than 1 purpose, such as a child bedroom that moonlights as a guest bedroom. Takes up less space than a lazy boy sofa bed that has to be extended to a bed.

Cover several large cushions or pillows with shams that match or coordinate with the quilt. Lean them against the wall along the back of the chaise. Use enough cushions to offer a comfortable backrest along the lazy boy sofa bed. Place a reading lamp, a clock, a box of tissues, telephone and other helpful items on the bedside table to use at any time of day. When there’s space, then add a decorative element, such as a small flower arrangement, a framed photograph or a work of art.