Decorate Second Hand Stair Lifts

Second Hand Stair Lifts Modern

Express your creativity with the help of a second hand stair lifts like your tablecloth. Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities; from whimsical stenciled flowers, to a garden scene that brings you back to memories of an art history class, to favorite characters, to a tropical beach scene, the choice is yours. Templates from a craft shop are an easy way to get the artist within you. Once you have decorated a chair or two, consider an auction of decorated Adirondack chairs as a fundraiser.

A rainbow

Paint the entire stair lifts and then add a dazzling rainbow to show over the back of the chair. The curves of the rainbow can be easily handled with a French curve, and targeting can be a guide to separating the colors. The inspiration comes from the strong shades of Gerbera daisies. Imagine the face of a Gerbera daisy enlarged to fill the back of a white chair and another in a contrasting color of the seat, with the arms of the chair painted in bright spring green.

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Hot air balloon

Paint a colorful hot air balloon to cover the back of the chair surrounded by blue sky. Think of a field of light green grass for arms and seats. The hot air balloon can be richly detailed or as simple as a line drawing colored with color. A terracotta mud garden pot filled with high tulips on the back of the chair. A brick ladder on the seat shows the way to the potted flowers. A creamy beige color is all the background that the chair must turn potted plants bloom and step into a pattern example.