Decoration Outdoor With Porch Stair Railing

Porch Exterior Solid Wooden Railing

Porch stair railing can add a decorative aspect to any porch, but on a staircase, it is a safety feature as well. As a result, choosing the right type of stair railing for a front porch descends to appearance and durability. Fortunately, you can choose between different types of railing that offer a decorative style and performance, so you can find the ideal option for your porch stairs. The classic type of stair railing for a porch is made of wood.

A porch is often built with wood, so a wood handrails matches the rest of the structure and creates a traditional look. Wood is an easy material to work with and usually fits most budgets. However, you should choose a wood that can carry moisture, insects and other damage that occurs outdoors. Some woods, such as cedar, ipe, teak, redwood, are naturally resistant to decomposition and insect infestation but can be expensive. Pressure-treated wood is less expensive than cedar or redwood and is treated with chemicals that help resist decay and insect damage.

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Wrought iron is one of the most decorative types of metal railings that can be used it often has other intricate patterns or ornamental scrolls. You can even have your wrought iron stair railing as you have a custom design that complements your porch and exterior of the house. Wrought iron is a very resistant material and lasts longer than many other types of the railing.