Design And Ideas White Tufted Headboard

Awesome White Tufted Headboard

A white tufted headboard adds a touch of elegance to a bedroom and creates an instant pivot point in the room. The detailed tufting of fabric headgear can come with a hefty price tag, however, to make a home with some basic tools and materials can be a thrifty option. With some tips and knowledge, you can make a tufted headboard quickly and easily

Measure the width of the bed that white tufted headboard will hang over. This will determine the size of the canvas stretching boards you need. Buy four canvas stretches boards from an art delivery store. Canvas stretches boards clap into the corners. Two of the boards should be as long as the width of your bed. The other two can be any length you want, but 3 meters long works well.

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Drape a piece of decorative fabric over batting. Wrap the fabric’s edges around the frame and put it in the back with a short gun. Cut excess. Place four buttons on the top of the front of the fabric, about them in a symmetrical rectangle. Sew the buttons to the headboard, take a needle and thread through the fabric and batting and pull the mask tightly enough that the button creates a small joint. This makes the tufted look when all four buttons are sewn down. Hammer a line of nail into the wall over the bed, about two feet up from the top of the bed. Hang the white tufted headboard frame out of the line nails.