Design Queen Padded Headboard

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A lightweight padded headboard for a queen size bed only takes about an hour to do after collecting supplies. Choose from a variety of fabrics so that the design matches the layout of your bedroom. The minimum weight for this queen size padded headboard allows you to attach it or hang it in a variety of ways.

Take some measurements over your bed. Decide how you want your headboard to see, which means how high you want it to go over your mattress and how wide you want it to be in relation to your bed. Remember, a queen size bed measures 60 inches by 80 inches, but you can make your padded headboard regardless of the size you want. Record these measurements. Lay sheets of insulation on the floor and mark the desired measurements using a pencil. Use the cutter knife to cut the insulation.

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Cut two layers of quilt plate wrap in the same measurement as insulation. Use measurements and add 4 inches all the way around to get your fabric measurement. Use a scissors to cut the fabric. Wide fabric on a clean floor with the right side down. The center duvet batting on top of the fabric. Center insulation on top of the quilt plate. Pull up the fabric at the center of one of the sides and use a staple gun to hold. Work from the center in the corners; pull the fabric tightly on the back of the sheet of insulation and stapling. Fold the corners nicely and short rather than finishing the padded headboard.

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