DIY Romantic Bed Canopy Ideas

4 Poster Bed Canopy Ideas

Start with drill holes in the ceiling, aligning them to the faces of the bed. There will be two for each side of the bed, each at a distance of 10cm into the corners. After done, next step would be fit the hooks into these holes. Then place the curtains in bars and snap them in supporting the ceiling. Set the tips into man. And voila, you learned how to produce a canopy! Now only enjoy the ultra romantic evenings to come after learning how to make a canopy! Below are images about that you could choose to buy or put ideas of it and practice to DIY.

Bed canopy ideas – The most practical method to learn how to make a canopy is to elect for fixing model in the ceiling, avoiding the construction of a completely new structure to bed. To do this, it is quite simple bed canopy ideas. Before starting this project you will need: 8 hooks 19mm rod to ceiling, 4 wooden rods (or the material you prefer) 19mm diameter on the bed side of those lengths, drilling machine 8 tips 19mm, and curtain height 2,60m voile in an amount enough to cover the four sides of the bed (2 advised sheets for each side).