DIY Stair Runner Ideas

Beautiful Carpet Runners

DIY stair runner – As carpeting stairs often wear out faster than carpets on floors, it has to be replaced more often. Remove the old carpet from the stairs if necessary. Use your pliers; pull up some matte nub left in the woods. Be careful not to break into the wood. Thoroughly vacuum the stairs. Measure one of the steps, starting at the top of the tread and moving over the tread to measure the height of the trunk as well. Add 1 inch to your measurement and multiply this measure by the number of steps, counting the last stock before landing. Measure the last stock and all landings that will mat with stairs, and add an inch for turning below. Add this to the first digit and divide the amount by 36 to determine the number of turns on the car, the runners are required. You will need about the same amount of padding.

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Buy the width of the mat runner that best suits your staircase. Put on work gloves. Nail attaches tape at each trunk tread corner. Measure the width of your stairway and subtract the width of the carpet runner from this measurement, then divide by two. This is the number of inches that you need to measure in from each side of the stairs to see the carpet runner being centered. Measure one side, and mark with chalk.

Measure on the other side, and mark it as well. Do this at the foot of each trunk and the inside of each course, and then measure between the chalk marks make sure it matches the width of the carpet runner. Cut the tackles carpet to tie the width of the runner with a small hand saw. Measure and mark the carpet padding. You want it to be as wide as the carpet runner, less about 1/4 inch, to fit perfectly under runners.

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