DIY Stair Treads Ideas

Remodeling Stair Tread

DIY stair treads are a simple addition to stairs. They help to provide pulling so people do not slip and fall on the stairs. This is a great addition to the stairs, as the staircase is one of the most common reasons for the decline in both the home and the workplace. Clean Stairs, to properly apply contact cement, the stairs need to be clean and free of dust and dirt. Cutting stairs, because all stairs are different in size stairs are large. Measure the size of the stairs and use a carpenter pen to mark the width and length of the stairs. When getting the length of the stairs, you must also include two to three extra inches to fold the staircase over the lip of the stairs.

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Add adhesive, place the adhesive you use on the lower part of the tread. If you use rubber laces then use simple contact cement. If stairs are made of vinyl then you will want to use neoprene contact cement. Install the staircase; hold the stairs with the back surface a few inches away from the stairs. Put nosing down to stairs first and slide properly. Work towards the back of the stairs and increase the pressure properly.

Once you have driven the tread down the stairs, it should be about planting on the stairs. Look for some apparent air bubbles during the stairway and work them with your hands. Completion, use handrails, work from one side of the stairs to the other and then up and down. Finally roll over the nose of the tread staircase. Continue this action until the staircase is completely free of air bubbles.

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