DIY Wrought Iron Stair Runner Brackets

Wrought Iron Stair Rods Pictures

Wrought iron stair runner brackets are a classic option for your home. They are durable, attractive and have timeless appeal. Installing a wrought iron railing is something you can do yourself. Rack bets are mounted and are mounted to the part steped in the stairs. Wrought iron rails are usually used in combination with cement stairs. The process of installing wrought iron on wood and cement is the same with the exception of the fasteners used.

For wood, you would use wood screws intended for wood. At cement plants, you must drill the hole and use cement screws. Place wrought iron railing at the edge of cement stairs in the place you want it. Measure the distance from the brackets to the edge of the staircase with a tape measure to ensure that the distance is still.

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Mark the mounting holes in the brackets at the base of the railing on cement stairs with a pencil. Set the railing aside. Drill the holes to the depth of the screws with a drill bit and drill bit 1/16 inch less than the screws. Fasten the holes in the brackets at the base of the railing with the drilled holes in the ladder. Run the screws through the holes in the brackets of cement stairs with a screwdriver.