Do You Have Questions About Stair Lift?

Bruno Stair Lift Prices

Stair lift, whether chairs, platforms or elevators, are the solution to the mobility problems you might have. This type of equipment, comply with all types of specifications and legal approvals , security systems, etc. The type of lifting device we need will depend on the type of obstacle that is present in your home. Single-family elevators: short or long-haul, your goal is to get people to the different “plants” of your home. In general, this type of machine has a cabin, and it takes an elevator shaft or a work of medium size to install them.

Curved staircase chairs : They are curved if your staircase has a curve or landing, and straight chairs if the staircase is completely straight and without obstacles. Straight stair lift chairs: They are of reco section, without curves and without landings. It is the solution you need if you have an insurmountable ladder at home. The chairs comply with a series of specifications and approvals that make their use something simple and safe.

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Stairlift platforms: Like chairs, we must differentiate between curved or straight stairs to choose our platform. In this case the person can even sit in his wheelchair. Or directly sit on the seat (optional) offered by the platform. Forklifts: Elevator of large loads. For industrial use for all types of companies.