Dog Lift For Stairs Bonny

Dog Lift Contemporary For Stairs

Small or older dogs often have trouble reaching their favorite nap spots; it can dog lift for stairs. Small dogs just do not have the height of climbing the bed or the couch and older pets often suffer from arthritis that makes furniture difficult. Pet steps can help your four-legged friend navigate your home, and can be done with some affordable items.


Select the correct type of foam for your dog lift design for stairs. Place the foam on a flat workbench and measure three stair sections. The biggest step should be 6 inches tall, 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide; the second step should be 6 inches tall, 18 inches tall, and 14 inches wide and the smallest step 6 inches tall, 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide. This stair width is acceptable to medium sized dogs; for larger breeds, add 6 inches to the width, and for smaller breeds, subtract 2 inches. Cut out foam sections with a toothed knife.

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Place the largest amount of foam on the workbench, and coat the surface with a thin layer of spray-on adhesive. Leave the glue set for 30 seconds to get sticky, and place the second step on top of the glue. Align the edge of foam sections along a lone side to form a dog lift for stairs. Allow the steps to dry for an hour. Add glue to the top of the second step, and add the smallest amount of foam to form a set of three steps. Press down firmly on the ladder to form a tight seal and allow to dry overnight. The steps can seem very wide, but this extra width provides stability and safety for weak or older dogs.

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