Easy Job Painting Wood Garage Door Panels

Wood Garage Door Panels Awesome

Use latex paint onto a door or an old door with latex paint. The wood garage door panels, for example any recessed or increased sand panel. If the garage door was painted before, with a scraper and orbital sander to scratches or sand bumps, ridges, peeling paint or blisters from older paints. Fill any holes, holes or dents with a vinyl base plaster and putty knife. Leave to dry thoroughly. Sand with adhesive or orbital sander. Wash the door thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent for a cleaning trap.

Rinse thoroughly and allow drying completely before continuing. Stir the paint into the tin with the paint stirrer. Stir throughout your painting job, every half an hour or so. Paint the recessed or raised wood garage door panels with 1 inch and two inch brushes. Start at the Peak of the door and down the street. Layers of paint to stop leaking. Several thin layers are better than coarse layers.

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A terrible job, though, will be obvious. Proper preparation before painting comprises 99 percent of their job. Preparation can lead to surface insufficiency of this paint and, in cases where the door is exposed to water rot. If your door was painted before, you should strip peeled or blister the paint.