Elegance Of Natural Wood Paneled Walls

Brick And Wood Paneled Walls

Wood paneled walls and mosaics wall in the bathroom are worn. To avoid that the humidity damages from the long term the material was chosen an ceramic which reproduces it and the result is a ribbon and at the same time.  A sober and minimalist decoration with details that stand outside from wood is your description of this picture. The mix of gray at the furniture and the carpet adds elegance and also the expansive entry of natural lighting adds warmth.

Wood paneled walls – The wood doesn’t have to be seen in its initial brown tones. Painting it in colors which are in harmony with the remainder of the decoration may make the difference. In cases like this, the walls in flat sheets painted wood together with a wall of stone contribute to materialize a 100 percent campestral atmosphere.

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The colors that predominate in the decoration of this Quick-Step image are neutral and dark, so the large clear sheets of these walls get the comparison. It is an environment which looks modern but at the same time that it rescues the warm and actual inspiration of nature with the wood paneled wallsand the floor.  As you may see, wood-paneled walls do not have to be a portion of a Victorian or tropical environment.