Floating Headboard With Light Table

Modern Floating Headboard Ideas

Floating headboard are very important elements in the decoration of bedrooms, they are able to define a decorative style according to their designs, materials and colors. The options are extremely varied. Floating headboard for bed very contemporary style since it is a bed headboard with a floating light table, all together forming a decoration as decorative as functional; providing comfort and at the same time a very attractive touch.

The design of floating headboard is very simple, its straight lines forming a rectangle of outstanding dimensions to the width of the bed; accompanied at its ends by two protruding squares that function as a night table or bedside table. It is nothing that goes out of the ordinary.  Presented as a minimalist design, full of elegance and subtlety.

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Floating headboard with light table is not only a decorative element, but also provides functionality. The best thing is that it is floating light tables, this being a trend that is becoming more effective every day in modern decorations due to the fact that they look different to what we are used to, which is why they contribute a share of innovation to design. But also, do not forget that this floating furniture were designed in order to save space so this bed head design with floating light tables is ideal for decorating small bedrooms.