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Many want to install a staircase for attic stairs home depot because they are a means of easy and safe access to spaces in an attic. If you want to maximize the use of attic spaces to store or provide better access to mechanical equipment for routine maintenance, folding attic stairs are smart choices. And although installing one is a task that most homeowners would prefer to avoid, for contractors installing a staircase for attics is a simple and cost-effective operation. The folding stairs for attics come in two basic variants: wood and aluminum. Wood is an economical choice and wooden stairs for folding attic stairs usually have a rating of 350 pounds. Aluminum is lighter and more durable, and some models have a rating of more than 375 pounds.

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Generally, both wooden attic stair models are sized to fit standard openings of 22.5 to 25 inches by 54 inches or side openings of 25 to 30 inches by 54 inches. In the case of the highest ceilings, 12-foot ladders generally require an opening of approximately 25 by 66 inches. There are also some special aluminum versions for pull down as small as 18 by 24 inches. The installation typically requires two people and the ability to saw, square and level, as would be done to install a window or door frame. Although the different types of stairs for best attic ladder and different manufacturers vary in their installation methods.

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