Glass Stair Hand Rail: How To Combine?

Beautiful Glass Hand Rail

If we have conceived design of stairs outside limits of two walls, it is essential to pay attention to aspect that stair hand rail has to shine. In this way, we can turn them into element that captures all protagonism, and sometimes, even those responsible for creating atmospheres and changing image of a whole space. In case of spiral staircases, especially in those with narrow steps, betting on glass is a recommended option as it provides luminosity, and decreases feeling of being in a tight space.

On other hand, transparency of this material leaves room for improvisation when it comes to combining it with others, in this case with wood, and aluminum details. A simple design with which to bring a unique touch, without needing to stand out too much. stairs of a single section, in general, usually begin and end in such a way that its full design is left in view. In these cases, it is convenient to take advantage of transparencies of glass to integrate them in distribution of spaces.

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And that their presence does not become a visual obstacle that interferes with harmony achieved. Following this line, handrails of image have yielded part of their prominence to design of rungs in which their own lighting sources have been included. A good example of how to successfully combine different architectural elements of same space.