Going To Precor Stair Climber!

Precor Amt

As always, we find a variety of alternatives to the classic precor stair climber or mountain climber exercise that will allow us to work at different intensities, request more of the portions of the body and also challenge the body with movements that are different from those already known. Declined climber: with raised feet in a chair, bench or other surface, we perform the movement of the climber at a slower pace so as not to lose stability. This variant accentuates the work of shoulders and arms to be greater part of the body weight on this area.

Climber crossed: to work more oblique abdominals we can perform this variant in which, the knee is not directed to the elbow on its same side but on the opposite side. The body should be aligned from head to toe, for which it is important not to break the waist and keep the abdomen contracted throughout the exercise.

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Also, it is important to keep in mind that the left knee should be directed to the left elbow and just when we return the leg to the initial position we perform the movement with the right knee that should be directed towards the right elbow. Clearly this movement involves legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, shoulders and arms for its execution that is one of the best and most complete exercises you can do to get fit.