Good Idea About Summit Stair Lift

Harmar Stair Lift Dealers

A summit stair lift installed at a school is rarely a good solution for a student in an electric wheelchair or electric scooter. The reason is that it takes a long time to use a stair lift and that it requires a helper’s presence. Only in special cases can a stair lift be an option, e.g. at premises where the student rarely comes or in cases where the student first becomes wheelchair user in the last school year.

It is important to assess which solution is best for the learner now and in the longer term, for example, how dental automatics should be operated. In the case of a button, it must be clarified where it is to be placed, how hard it is to press the button, etc. Should the student possibly need to? Have a remote-controlled door opener mounted on the wheelchair if he or she cannot reach a fixed button. For doors outside the school, a dummy can be installed as in a supermarket, i.e. Doors where the opening is triggered by a censor.

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For a student who is unable to get up from the seated position, an electric seat lift will help him / her up. A regular fixed toilet ladder cannot be used as the student must be able to reach the floor with both feet for the greatest possible stability when sitting on the toilet. The toilet with a seat lift can be used as a daily toilet for the other students at the school.