Good Idea Black Headboard Queen

Stylish Black Headboard Queen

Black headboard queen – Create your own queen-size designer headboard to add charm or romance to your bedroom. You can make a headboard, both decorative and functional, from old mirrors, fabrics or antique doors. The only limitation to your headquarters is your imagination; you can even paint a headboard directly on the wall.

Ideas for make black headboard queen measure the width of your mattress with a tape measure and add 1½ inches on both sides, then measure from the floor to the desired for the top of the headroom height. Divider width by 3; this will give you three panels of plywood of the correct size.

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Set flush mounts to the wall and plywood. Center three panels on the wall and mark for placement. Find studs in the wall and screw the lower part of the holder to studs, using a drill or screwdriver. Use one or two mountings for each panel, two mounts will add stability to the headrest, keeping it positioned without movement. Stand up the plywood next to the wall and mark where you will have to fasten the upper half of the mountain and then screw into the plywood securely. Cut 2-inch foam to match the panels exactly with a knife or electric knife. Roll batting over foam and plywood and cut so you have an overlap of about 4 inches. You must overlap to wrap around the black headboard queen to attach it all together.

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