Gorgeous White Stair Railing Color

Decorate White Modern Railing

White stair railing, and almost as an extension of more of the walls, these elements at the ends of each step extend as the stairs goes up or down. Another detail that does not go unnoticed is the structure with stretches that present the railings, when replacing the traditional piece of glass with independent pieces of this material. As with the previous design, here also seeks to take advantage of the transparency of the crystal with the luminosity of the white.

The children of the house 3M Architecture have applied the maxims of simplicity and minimalism in the design of these stairs. By dispensing with the stilts, and opting for glass, the interior architecture of the staircases is exposed, which further accentuates the elemental character that has been wished to give. The soft turquoise tone that emerges from the glass stands out in a space dedicated to white colors and also helps to multiply the light that enters the stairs.

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If, on the other hand, the simplicity of the glass can be too uniform for what you are looking for, you can always use other elements, in this case, the handrail, to introduce that note that stands out among such transparency, without having to go through. A good example of this is the design of the photograph, in which steel has been used in black for the steps that connect both levels, and a good part of the handrails.