Hemp Stair Runner Ideas

The Best Material For Stair Runner

A hemp stair runner is a decorative piece of carpet or fabric that covers the stairs. The corridor can also be painted on stair lifts or steps. Making your own runner staircase is a simple project. Use hemp, a non-slippery fabric, to avoid accidents. All you need to do is measure, cut and hem the fabric. Once the corridor is complete, you can attach it to the staircase with double-sided art tape or square hook and loop.

Measure the height of the first stair climb and the depth of the first stair tread. Multiply this by the number of stairs. Add 1 inch for each stair tread to take into account the fabric that will wrap around the tread lip. The result is the minimum length of the fabric you need. Cut a roll of fabric to the length you have calculated, plus 4 inches to make the hem. Cut the fabric to the desired width of the runner, plus 4 inches to make the hem. Fold the end of the fabric by more than 2 inches to create a hem. Pin the hem in place with pins.

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Use a steam iron to iron the flat seams. Insert the lower edge of the runner into the sewing machine and sew the hem in place, removing the pins as you go. Turn the fabric more than 2 inches along both long edges. Pin in place with pins. Iron the flat hem. Sew the side seams in place with the sewing machine.