Home Stair Lift: Greater Comfort And Independence!

Best Chair Stair Lift

Escalator elevator, rolling corridor, for the elderly or with reduced mobility, the escalator lift for greater comfort and independence. The home stair lift is a practical and economical solution (rather than installing an elevator at home) for people with mobility difficulties who want continue living in your house with two or three floors. When the chair is in front of a ladder, the system prepares the two twin tracks of rubber tracks, deploys a kind of two-wheel landing gear, which raises the chair and allow the caterpillars to begin their work, either to go up or down.

The various mobility problems suffered by people who use wheelchairs, have made students of Mechanics and Electrical Engineering , develop the first electric wheelchair equipped with a system of caterpillar wheels , which will allow you to go up and down stairs.

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Unlike conventional wheelchairs, Scalevo only has two, eliminating the two fronts, as thanks to a stabilization system similar to that of Segway, allow you to have greater agility, plus it is an essential piece in the balance of the user at the moment of being on a ladder. In order for the chair to remain motionless during the climb, a pair of pistons tilts the chair relative to the tracks to compensate for the steepness of the ladder.