Homemade Stair Lift, What’s So Good About It?

Build Your Own Stair Chair Lift

There are many different types of homemade stair lift in home, but the most common is a one-door elevator. That is, the wheelchair user should be able to turn 180 degrees in the elevator without difficulty not to be dependent on having to back one way. An elevator for a wheelchair user must have a free door width that makes it easy for a student in an electric wheelchair to drive in and out.

The elevator must have automatic sliding doors that open when the elevator stops. The automatic doors must remain open long enough to allow a wheelchair user or a slow pedal to come in and out. The lift control panel must be placed on the long side of the elevator and preferably in the middle so it is easy to operate for everyone. It should be placed horizontally at 90 cm height so that it can be operated by a seated person.

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Activation of the buttons must be possible with a slight pressure. In front of the elevator must be a free space enough for a wheelchair user to make a 180 degree turn. For example, if the elevator is busy, the wheelchair user should be able to return.