How To Install Stair Treads And Risers

Bamboo Stair Treads

Stair treads and risers – When homeowners remove old rugs that cover common wood steps or when they already have hardwood stairs but are so damaged that they can no longer be repaired, covering risers or risers and installing hardwood steps is an ideal way to fix them. It is possible that the first step in installing hardwood steps is to cut the rounded edges of the existing rungs, even if you are not going to remove the old rungs completely.

To do so, use a circular saw or reciprocating saw and make each cut carefully using a hand saw, an oscillating multi-tool, a flush cutting saw, or a hammer and chisel where the rounded edges meet the wall. Installing a piece of plywood on the existing risers in such a way that it is flush with the front edge of the rungs can eliminate this step.

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Finally, check each step to test its resistance or see if there is any movement that results in squeaks. Stand on each step and shift your weight from one side to the other to locate any creaking. Insert screws into the rungs and stringers to eliminate squealing. Clean the entire staircase thoroughly by sweeping it, vacuuming it and then wiping the entire surface to remove dust and debris. You will probably have to do this throughout the installation, especially if you decide to work from top to bottom, which is the preferred method.

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