How To Make An Under Bed Drawer For Books

Amazing Under Bed Drawer

Under bed drawer – Extra storage is at a high in apartments and houses where space is limited. If under-bed storage can keep your books or belongings orderly simultaneously provides accessibility, and prevent clutter and countertops. For kids, providing under-bed storage is also the added incentive of eliminating the space occupied.

Then to make an under bed drawer for books, use your screwdriver and 3/4 inch screws to fasten the caster to every corner of the box framework. Turn up the box and then roll it into place under the bed. Build enough storage boxes which fit on both sides of the bed to maximize the capacity and advantage.

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Measure the height of your dresser drawers to make sure they will fit in the space under your bed. Do not forget to count with distance for your brakes. Turn one of your boxes over the bottom is facing upward. Put one of your small castors at the corner of your box framework and select three or two screw holes with your pen. Use your drill to make pilot holes in each of those brands. Repeat the procedure over the three corners of this box. When there’s not sufficient space on the box framework corners to mount your own wheel, then consider using wheels connected to the box frame walls.