How To Put Seagrass Stair Runner

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A staircase consists of several components. The strings, the backbone, support the tread (steps) and riser. Seagrass stair runner that runs down the middle of the stairs serves a dual purpose, as both aesthetic and preventive wear on the tree of the stairs. There are three methods for fastening a runner to a staircase: Simply cross the runner down with blanket staples, using double-stick blanket tape, or using tackles strips riveted to each step.

Tape two 2-inch pieces of tackles strips together with pin pins inward to make a spacer. Make two spacers. Cut tackles strips to the length of padding and with scissors. Mark, where the edges of the padding and the runner will be on each treads with a pencil. This will keep your runner centered the length of the stairs. Place the spacers on the pencil marks for padding on the tread and place a segment of tackles ribbon on spacer blocks with the pins facing down and the smooth side against the riser. Place a portion of tackles strips on the tread 1/2 inch from the riser with the legs facing the riser.

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Put padding on each tread, but the bottom step, and make sure that the shoulder against tackles strip is attached to the tread and folds over the nose of the tread. Place the runner face down on the bottom tread against tackles ribbon and thank it in place as padding. Roll over the nose of the tread, which covers riser that meets the floor. Work up each step from the bottom and push the runner on tackles strip on each tread, using a knee kicker.