How To Put Striped Stair Runner

Stair Awesome Striped Stair

Striped stair runner is great choice for your home. Laying a stair runner looks like laying blankets in general, just tackles strips to hold the rug to those steps, and to prevent ripping while walking up and down the stairs. The runner must always run down. Keep in mind that depending on the direction and size of your stairs, instruction may vary. You can choose a runner that is another color from your staircase, and even mix it up with patterns and different types of upholstery or rug if desired.

Use a small striker to cut tackles strips to fit stair width (you will need two strips for each step). Hammer one to the horizontal part of the step and then to the bottom of each pitch on the vertical part of the step. Make sure you allow 3/4 inch spacing between the strip on the riser and the first tread strip to make room for the rug to be pushed into the corners.

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Cut a few pieces of padding to fit over each tread and riser below, so they puff up against tackles strips. Make sure they did not lay the strips. After they are able, staple or thank them in place. Cover the entire staircase this way. Cut the blanket to the width of the staircase, and then start to fit the blanket from the top to the bottom. Use the floor chisel and press the top edge of the carpet on the seamless strip on the back of the tread on the staircase top. Work down over each tread and increase by chisel to push the rug back at each angle.