How To Stair Climber Machine For Weight Loss

Does Climbing Stairs Reduce Buttocks

Do you want to lose weight fast? So, using stair climber machine can be solution. They are many advantages of this machine and one of them is for weight loss. So, using stair climber machine for weight loss is not bad idea. However, stair climbing is a big machine user. Not only will you burn over 400 calories per hour, but you can also get some rock hard leg muscles. Work out a few days a week, and soon pounds will start flying off.

If you try to build stamina or keep your body in a constant aerobic or fat-burning zone, go with heart rate training. Finding a stair climbing weight loss calculator with heart rate sensors on the handles. Or put an electronic heart rate monitor on your wrist. If heart rate sensors on the machine, set height, weight and age and it will assemble a target heart rate for you.

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If not, check a pulse chart (many gyms have these posted). Or visit an online heart rate meter calculator to find the magic number. Begin training and gradually increase the machine’s stair climbing exercise at home speed and intensity to reach your target area. Be sure to maintain this pulse in the middle of the workout. (Do not worry about it while warming up and cooling down). If your heart rates are too low or too high, adjust the speed and resistance as needed.