Ideas For Place Wall Mounted Headboards

Rustic Wall Mounted Headboards

The wall mounted headboards are basic in many hotel rooms, as they are an economical alternative to traditional headboards that require assembly and space. Many owners follow these methods of saving costs and space of the hotel industry, and add a touch of personality in the bedroom by simply placing a decorative headboard on the wall.

Decide how high you want the wall mounted headboards. The height depends on the function for which it will be used. A purely decorative headboard is lower than one that will be used as a backrest. Place a headboard at least at the height of your head, when you are in a position to sit on the bed. Find the closest beams or wall studs using a beam detector, available at any hardware store or home improvement store. The uprights are 16 inches (40 cm) away, so you should plan considering this and select uprights that are far from each other, but are behind the head.

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Then for place wall mounted headboards, use at least 4 sets of recessed brackets to hang the headboard. First fix the lower support on the wall, drilling to the bottom of it and the chosen amount. Place the headboard of the bed against the wall to mark where you are going to place the other brackets. Make holes in the head of the bed in the marks you made. Fix the brackets embedded in the headboard, facing downwards or in the opposite direction to those of the wall. Slide the brackets on the headboard down, on the brackets, so that both are locked.

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