Ideas Prefinished Stair Treads

Stair Design Idea With Oak

Prefinished stair treads – Steps are the horizontal sections of the stairs that serve the small surface of each step. These rungs are installed on the top of each ladder, providing a decorative finish for the ladder. When installing steps, you have many factors to consider, including the depth and length of the stairs and posts that support the stair rail. When installing wooden ladder rungs, you may also have to finish the rungs if they have exposed extremes.

Measure the distance from the wall to the farthest side of the entrance, or between the outer edges of the posts on either side of the stairs. Cut the rungs of the wooden ladder to this width. Cut a piece of bull nose molding to the same width as the step. Attach the molding to the front edge of the step and measure the space between the back of the step and the back edge of the molding. Trim the stair tread along to fit in the space from the back of the step to the molding.

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Measure the spaces between the stair poles, as well as the width of the posts. Recreate these measurements at the end of the stairs. Cut the holes for the poles out with a jigsaw. Lay the wood of the step staircase in the step so that it fits on the back of the staircase with the posts in the holes created for them. Use the glue or nails recommended by the manufacturer of the tread to ensure the tread in place.