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Retrofit stair treads – Save a fortune and build your own staircase. Forget about expensive collection sets and difficult craftsmen. Stairs are expensive. They are both if you hire professional craftsmen and if you choose to buy a kit from one of the staircases. There will also often be a big challenge in that assembly sets require much space to assemble before assembly. It can also be very difficult to make the trapping fit perfectly for the edges on both sides. It usually always requires that you have the help of an extra man. Even then you may encounter big problems.

Many of these problems are completely lost if you choose to make your own stairway following the guide you can find here on the page. The appearance of the DIY staircase will end up being just as great as any gathering staircase or professionally carved staircase. The build-yourself staircase will be many times easier to assemble than a combination seat set.

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The steps of this staircase are 38 millimeter oak boards. For the stools and side panels we suggest 10 mm MDF plates. Begin to install the rails between the floor and ceiling before mounting the side plates one step at a time.

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