Ideas Stair Runner Rods

Stair Rods Beauty

Stair runner rods add a decorative touch to your stairs, but more importantly, a safe stairway stairs can make you less slippery. Conversely, a stairway runner who is not firmly pinned down poses a risk of slipping or tripping, especially to the elderly, young children or anyone who may be unsteady on their feet. Empty your staircase runner to keep it clean and looking for its best shape, and periodically check that any staples, tapes or other fasteners are still firmly in place.

Clean the stairs. You do not want the old dirt trapped under the stairway corridor, and if you are using carpet tape instead of staples or a tack strip, the stairs must be clean so that the runner to stay in place. Use a mild soap and water to clean the stairs, then rinse the stairs with clean water and let them dry.

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Measure the stairs for your runner. You can use a measuring tape cloth, but it is an easier way to tack a piece of string at the top of the ladder where you want the runner to start. Extend the chain by the stairs, following the same path that the corridor will take. Turn the chain into place at the bottom of each vertical plate with a piece of adhesive tape. At the bottom of the stairs, check that the chain has not loosened and still rests flat against each step. Cut the chain in which you want the runner to finish. Measure the length of this chain and you will know the length of its corridor.